Classic Artisan Wines

Classic Artisan Wines is a fine wine broker for the wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Napa Valley, Central Coast, Paso Robles and Russian River.

California Wines

Of all the wine growing regions of the United States, California has the richest history, though certainly still modest by the standards of Europe. When you think domestic wine, do you think California? Other states may be coming on strong, but there's no question California is America's foremost wine-making state. An astonishing 9 of every 10 bottles produced in America come from California wineries. In fact, if California were its own country, it would be the 4th largest wine producer in the world! And the industry itself is a major tourist attraction, drawing some 14.5 million tourists every year, making it the second largest tourist attraction in California, bigger than Hollywood and second only to Disneyland. Read More at


Our current wineries include:

Boëté Winery
Due Vigne Di Famiglia
La Honda Winery
Pandol Wines
Patassy Vineyard
Poetic Cellars
Senders Wines