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Chinese Food and Wine Pairing

Beef with Broccoli Malbec
A red wine with blackberry, mocha, & spice is a good match
Chinese Egg Rolls Sauvignon Blanc
(SOH-vee-nyawn BLAHNGK)
A light white wine with passion fruit is a match
General Tsao Chicken   Gewürztraminer
A dry aromatic wine with a tangerine, white peach nose, and lychee flavor
Peking Duck

Sparkling Wine (Rosé) A crisp, sparkling blush wine flavors of red berries
Chicken Chow Mein  Pinot Noir
A red wine with red berry, cherry, & truffles is a match
Moo-Shu Pork Riesling
A semi dry wine with peach, orange, & citrus is a match

Recommended by Classic Artisan Wines Experts, Darlene de la Cerna and Donna Morrison-Leaf.